Revised HUMANity32-alpha6-unity-cooker.iso

I discovered the places module was not working properly on the last iso, so fixed it and installed jfs-utils as requested by a user, also added nomodeset xdrivervesa to the safemode boot line.
Click here to download the new iso


About humanitye17linux

A Linux fan's blog about the a linux based Enlightenment desktop remasters named HUMANity
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3 Responses to Revised HUMANity32-alpha6-unity-cooker.iso

  1. Just downloaded myself a copy, This is going to be tested on:
    Compaq Presario CQ56-111SA (Laptop)

  2. booting doesn’t take long which is nice, but I cannot login to any of the shells (username/password: guest/guest ).

    • Hi, if you are trying to login to guest on the livecd, unfortunately due to a Unity bug it does not work, (though when installed guest account works fine) so login as root password = root

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