News: Using PCLinuxOS


I am using PCLinuxOS at present as a base for my enlightenment iso’s.

I decided to return to this site to inform people as had some enquiries about what was going on.

I have an x86_64 e19 iso available based mainly at people interested in creating music, it is quite a large iso approx 1.4gb to download.

The sound apps installed, include lmms, jokosher, hydrogen and many more, it features a theme I like by Agust whose has done so many great themes. It also features a custom favourite’s menu, special thanks to Chrisripp for this, (accessed by right mouse clicking on the desktop, not shown in screenshot).

Thanks to Jeff Hoogland for epad and exterminator.

Enlightenment apps include express irc which is still in development, enventor, eflete, ephoto, lekha pdf.

Other apps include, firefox, thunderbird, steam client, gimp, mpaint, scite, leafpad, conky, pcmanfm, abiword, and more.

games: escape from booty bay (from enlightenment), aisleriot, and armagetron.

Password for root account=root
Password for guest account=guest

Screenshot showing the custom menu (operated by right mouse clicking on the desktop)

Screenshot showing a circular dock also installed, (operated by holding down the windows key and left mouse clicking on the desktop)

iso link:

md5sum link:

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Updated 64 bit musicians iso

The iso has just had some distro updates, efl and elementary 1.15.0 etc, enlightenment version 0.19.9 was available, but I have used version 0.19.8 and locked that in synaptic as I discovered the starter everything when on the shelf no longer worked on version 0.19.9
Erigo and enventor are installed and for developing themes, ephoto has now some editing features thanks okra, the express irc app has been updated, some of the installed themes have been changed the sound apps are many :)

Screenshot of the desktop



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Sept 2012 updated mini Humanity i586

An updated i586 Humanity mini version is available in the unitylinux repos Humanity folder, it is basically the same as the previous version, but has some updates, and a newer e17 version 77014

Click here to download

Best wishes,

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An updated Humanity i586

An updated Humanity mini i586 has been uploaded as is available, it features some new improvements to the e file manager, and e menu plus some unity/mdv-cooker updates. Click here to download

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July 2012 i586 HUMANity

The new HUMANity32 i586 iso size is around 460mb, it is basically just an updated version with a newer e17 built a few days ago, enlightenment version 74293, appearance wise its similar to previous versions, but being smaller is possibly better suited for some people to customise HUMANity how they wish.
(The e17 pkgs are unofficial, so be careful not to have them over written by the older official unity versions)
Best wishes,

Click here to download the iso
A screenshot of HUMANity

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Revised HUMANity32-alpha6-unity-cooker.iso

I discovered the places module was not working properly on the last iso, so fixed it and installed jfs-utils as requested by a user, also added nomodeset xdrivervesa to the safemode boot line.
Click here to download the new iso

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HUMANity i586 updated

HUMANity i586 has been updated to kernel 3.3.1 and now has some more profiles added, the default is for less powerful pc’s, to change the profile, when on the desktop go to the menu, settings, All, settings, profiles, and select one of them to what suits you best, or make your own custom profile, by changing to how you like your desktop setup and add as a new profile and name it. :)
Click here to download HUMANity32-alpha5P-unity-cooker

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